Resource Center Donations 

The His House Resource Center provides individuals and families with free food, clothing, personal items, household goods, toys, books and more. In addition to our drop-in shoppers, we use these items to assist our clients moving from homelessness into their new homes! These items are 99% donated by individuals and organizations. 

Open Hours:

Monday & Friday:


Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 11am-2pm

Due to primary staffing by volunteers, hours may change based on availability.


Look for the open flag!


Food and Kitchen supplies

  • For Food: Fresh, shelf stable, frozen and refrigerated

  • For supplies: manual can openers, dishes, pans, utensils, storage containers, etc.

Household Items

  • Blankets, sheets, handmade quilts, etc.

  • Household decor - pictures, lamps, pillows, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies: dish soap, dishwasher soap,  all-purpose cleaners, sponges, anti-bacterial wipes, paper towels, swiffers, swiffer supplies, etc.

  • Laundry supplies: detergent, laundry baskets, etc.

Personal Care Items

  • Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, hand soap, lotion, etc.

  • First aid supplies

  • Women's Sanitary products

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • We take all sizes and types of clothing and shoes!

  • Baby and adult diapers

  • Purses, bags, and backpacks

  • Outerwear and active wear are welcome!

  • Winter coats, winter boots, hats/gloves (September - February only)

Items for Play!

  • Toys, children’s books

  • Art/craft supplies - children & adults

  • Baby toys and supplies


  • Plastic storage boxes

  • Air Mattresses

  • Tents (March - November only)

Donations we accept

Unaccepted Donations

  • Furniture (Please donate to our partner: Furniture Depot | Freshwater

  • Anything broken, stained, torn or otherwise damaged

  • Anything with missing parts (except toys, which may still be usable)

  • Expired Food

  • Anything you would not donate to a relative, friend or neighbor

Please Note: Any items donated that fall under our “don’t take” list are trashed or donated to another organization. This requires volunteer and staff time and disposal/gas fees, limiting the ability to meet the  needs of our clients.

Do not donate these items.


How to Donate:

  1. Use one of our registries (larger count items will be divided before distribution): Amazon  & Target

  2. Drop off at our location during open hours

  3. Arrange with staff for a special drop-off or pick up time by calling 612-325-4693  and using Option 3 

  4. OR Arrange for pick-up by completing the adjacent form

For Pick-ups:
Due to volunteer and staff limitations, we are very limited in our ability to pick-up items.
If you need items picked-up, a time may be arranged with our staff depending on availability and distance. Pictures are required before pick-up and a donation of gas cards are greatly appreciated ($40 or more is recommended per trip). Please note, if the contact deems your items do not follow our guidelines, they will not be able to take them.


Thanks for submitting!