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Housing Stabilization Services

His House Foundation is a Housing Stabilization Services Provider.   We provide Consultation, Transition and Sustaining services.

What is Housing Stabilization Services?

This program provides person–centered case management for clients to find and maintain
permanent housing. Housing Stabilization Services is divided into three parts: Consultation which
provides access to the service; Transition which assists with accessing permanent housing; and
Sustaining which assists with maintaining housing.
This program is a benefit of Medical Assistance and overseen by the Minnesota Department of
Human Services. For more information: HB101 Minnesota - MA Housing Stabilization Services

Who is Eligible for Housing Stabilization Services?

All Minnesotan adults on Medicare who are experiencing housing instability are eligible to receive
Housing Stabilization Services. The eligibility criteria, as defined by the Department of Human
Services, is that the person must:

  • Be on Medical Assistance (MA).

  • Be 18 years or older.

  • Be experiencing housing instability (homeless, at-risk of losing housing, or need assistance in finding new housing).

  • Have a disability or disabling condition which can be documented by a medical or addiction provider, MNChoices Assessment, or Long Term Care Consultation. Disabling conditions include: developmental, mental health, addiction, and physical or illness.


Individuals and families are eligible for this benefit. For families, the service is provided to the
individual who meets eligibility requirements. If more than one person meets the requirements, it is
best if all eligible adults are enrolled with the same provider.

Housing Stabilization Services is NOT:

Housing Stabilization Services does not provide financial support, material goods, shelter, or
temporary housing. The case manager can assist clients in accessing these services from other
sources. Clients enrolled in Housing Stabilization Services with His House Foundation can access our other programs.

Interested in Housing Stabilization Services?

His House Foundation’s program serves clients primarily located in or seeking housing in Carver
County, Scott County, Southwestern Hennepin. Depending on the individual’s circumstance, we may
provide the service to individuals in neighboring areas.

If you are outside of this area, search for Housing Stabilization in your area at:
If you reside in or get benefits from Hennepin County, contact Front Door at 612-348-4111.

How to enroll with His House Foundation:

Do you have a Waiver Case Manager, Targeted Case Manager or Senior Care Coordinator?
Please have them contact us.

All other individuals, contact His House at 612-325-4693, Option 1, or complete the below form
which is sent directly to our intake staff. If you do not have a MNChoices Assessment or Long
Term Care Assessment, you will need this Professional Statement of Need DHS-7122-ENG
(Professional Statement of Need)
signed by an eligible medical professional, therapist or addiction

provider. His House can assist you in getting this document completed. If you are able, please provide the document to your provider to assist in faster enrollment in the program.

Contact Us About HSS

Do you or the client already have a MNChoices assessment, Professional Statement of Need, or Long Term Care Consultation?

Thank you!

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