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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

About His House Foundation

His House Foundation (HHF) is a non-profit 501c3, community-based human service agency.  Our foundation serves our community by providing direct services to families in need and to serve as a catalyst for increased sharing within our community. 

His House Foundation is a place that provides a continuum of hope to the people we serve, so they can move past crisis to resources and options that lead to self-sufficiency. We offer direct financial and material assistance, food assistance, information and referrals. We seek partnerships with established public service organizations, local churches and government agencies to allow us to improve the quality of people's lives today and for the future, without discrimination.

His House Foundation was founded by James and Martha Brannon, Teri Bennett and Shelly Kruse. The intention of our group is to identify and respond to the unmet basic needs of people in our community and to assist them in moving toward self-sufficiency. We strive to provide a safe and healthy home for members of our community. We provide necessary assistance to aid in relief of basic financial burdens related to the basic needs of the less fortunate. We also strive to place these families and individuals in contact with other organizations to ensure long term aid and assistance.

We have now evolved into full service homeless agency connecting those in need and or crisis to the resources, tools and supports needed to make it through. 


His House Foundation is overseen by an uncompensated Board of Directors. The board meets at least quarterly and monitors the progress of the organization as well as formulates strategies for meeting our annual goals. In addition, members of the Board are expected to provide labor and supervise each project. We currently have elected officers to fill the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Account Executive and Secretary.